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Bed bugs can survive in any area of your household – under the carpet, behind the frames, or inside your upholstered furniture – and sadly they don’t only occupy your space. They destroy your household items and cause you health problems. 

Don’t put yourself at risk and execute a smart plan.

Choose how to get rid of bed bugs! Heat and Chemical Treatments are available to residential and commercial establishments.

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Most pests, including bed bugs, have become immune to pesticides over the years. The one-time solution that ensures the complete elimination of these pests is to hire the help of a professional.

We work locally in the City of Kennesaw GA to offer affordable and effective solutions to your bed bug problems.

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How Bed Bugs Affect Your Health in Kennesaw, Georgia

To answer the most asked question: Can bed bug bites make you sick? Yes, most definitely. They carry toxins that can cause allergic reactions or trigger serious medical conditions in some people. 

Some of the more common ways bed bugs can affect your health are through:

1. Sleep deprivation– this is the first and quite notorious since the bites will be itchy and disturb you from your sleep. 

2. Emotional discomfort– sleep deprivation can cause emotional and mental exhaustion and anxiety.

3. Infection– aside from mental stress, bed bug bites also carries physical ones. The bitten area may cause mild to severe infections like lymphangitis, ecthyma, and impetigo. 

Bed bugs can seem harmless, but one should not take them lightly. They are characterized as a “pest” by the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) due to their significant public health importance. 

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