Milton GA Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are a significant issue in many households and commercial establishments. 

Don’t put our loved ones or business at risk! Choose how to get rid of bed bugs.

Heat and Chemical Treatments are available to residential and commercial establishments.

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We offer safe and affordable bed bug treatments to the communities of Milton, Georgia. 

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FAQs About Bed Bugs in Milton, Georgia

1. Can a clean home get a bed bug infestation? Save your resources on more important things. Don’t stress desperately looking for inferior ways to get things done. Hiring a professional can guarantee you a pest-free home with just one visit. Invest in a one-time solution rather than trying everything and anything you can find without assurance or effectiveness. Work smart, not hard. 

2. Can bed bugs infect my dog? Categorically, bed bugs are different from the common fleas or ticks in pets, but they are parasites altogether that would suck blood and feed off of a host in order to survive.

3. Are bed bugs visible to the naked eye? Bed bugs, in any stage of their life cycle, are visible. Their eggs are roughly 1mm in size and a full-grown adult bed bug has a general size of about 5.5mm

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