What is a bed bug? Bed bugs are small insects that primarily feed off of blood. They love to hide in small cracks and tight spaces that are dark. Bed bugs can be found mainly around the bed. These tiny creatures are attracted to warm bodies and use that to sense if a body is near them. But have you experienced looking for them?

Looking for bed bugs is difficult, especially by relying on the naked eye. These creatures are only the size of an apple seed which is relatively small and hard to spot, especially in the bed frame or on the mattress. Here is a list of steps on how you can find bed bugs during the day. It can also help you deal with infestations much quicker rather than shrugging them off.

What are the signs to look for during the day?

You can find several signs to determine where the bed bugs are hiding during the day. Since they are indoor bugs, you can quickly check for signs of bed bugs in your home.

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Check for Blood Stains

Since the primary food source for bed bugs is blood, they can sometimes leave blood stains everywhere. There are times when bed bugs are crushed and often spread blood stains on the sheets.

If you see these signs in your home, there’s a relatively high chance that your house suffers from bed bug infestations. It can be your first clue to finding bed bugs during the day.

Fecal matter

Bed bug stools resemble a dust build-up, usually found in corners. It appears as a cluster of tiny spots and consists of digested blood, so they will no longer be red once they dry. Also, it is just a size of a dot from a marker.

Shredded Skins

Like other insects or animals, bed bugs are leaves and shredded skins lying around. It remains the same translucent appearance. If you are familiar with the arrival of bed bugs, you can quickly tell that the shredded skin is from a bed bug.

 Live Bed Bugs

The easiest way to prove that you have bed bug infestations is by spotting live bed bugs crawling around your bed. Although these creatures are difficult to spot, there’s still a chance that you can encounter them crawling in your bed.

Unpleasant Odor

Lastly, since they feed on blood, they leave an unpleasant odor. Since unpleasant odors are different causes, they can indicate bed bugs. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so check it.

Where are the places to inspect for bed bugs during the day?

Since they are named bed bugs, the first thought that comes to mind is when checking for places where bed bugs can hide. However, where is the exact location?

Furniture is one example of where you can find traces of bed bugs. Furniture made of wood with small cracks can be an ideal hiding spot for bed bugs. Sofas or couches with tight spaces are suitable for bed bugs.

Furthermore, in the bedroom, you can find bed bugs in the mattress and bedding. Although you might not have a wooden bedframe, these tiny creatures can still find a way to hide around your bed.

One surprising spot for many homeowners is bed bugs living inside electronics. It may not be expected, but there are chances that bed bugs also hide in electronic devices. Since bed bugs are very resilient and electronic devices have tight spaces, bed bugs can find a way to hide in these places.

If you see some cracks in your walls or openings, it can be an entry point for bed bugs to go inside your home. Lastly, you should always disinfect your personal belongings as you can be surprised that bed bugs are also living in your belongings.

Tips on how to find bed bugs during the day.

You can take steps to find bed bugs inside your home.

Use a flashlight.

Why do you need a flashlight during the day? You might ask this question, but it’s common sense that not enough daylight can go inside a house. So a flashlight will still be needed when looking for bed bugs. Use this tool to spot the bed bugs hiding in cracks, crevices, under the bed, and on every corner.

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Use adhesive tape.

Adhesive tapes can provide several helpful ways to help your household, including finding bed bugs. You can install adhesive tape into the bedframe or inside skirting boards to kill all bed bugs that come into contact with it.

Use a magnifying glass.

Since bed bugs, you can hardly see bed bugs with your naked eyes; it’s not preferable to carry a microscope around your house. Instead, You can use a magnifying glass; due to its small size, it is beneficial in determining if it’s a bed bug. It will also help you spot them in tight areas with ease.

Call a professional exterminator.

They are called pros for a reason. They are trained to do this kind of thing, and they have experience dealing with this problem. Calling an expert can help you save time by looking for the correct hiding spot for bed bugs inside your home.

What can you do to prevent bed bugs from entering your home?

Bed bug infestations can be a big problem, but you can always find preventive measures to avoid them.

Proper sanitation

Bed bugs love to lurk in cluttered spaces; one way to prevent them is to have proper sanitation. Ensure that you put your trash outside and don’t let them pile up inside your home since bed bugs can use it as a hiding spot.

Seal cracks and crevices.

Bed bugs can also use cracks and crevices as entry points or hiding spots. If you are an enthusiast of wooden furniture, seal cracks, and crevices you see. You can also apply this method to walls, ceilings, and floors.

Use bed bug-proof encasements.

Aside from cleaning and sealing off cracks, you can also use mattress encasements to prevent them. It traps and kills existing bed bugs and prevents new ones from entering.

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Regular inspection and cleaning

The last step is to have a trusty bed bugs exterminator in Atlanta that you can call anytime. You can schedule a weekly or monthly inspection so they can check if there are still bed bugs lurking around your home. In this way, you can maintain your bed bug-free home without having personally made a move against these bugs.

Battle with these tiny creatures during the day and ensure a better sleep during the night.

Like in a battle, you would want to attack the enemy when they aren’t active. During the day, you can do all the steps to find bed bugs and apply preventive measures against them. Early detection of bed bugs is essential to prevent them from infesting your home and increasing their numbers.

And before a battle, it’s better to be one step ahead of your enemy. So instead of engaging in a fight against bed bugs, always use preventive measures, so you won’t have to worry about bed bugs. And if you ever need help with treatment for bed bugs in Atlanta, you can always get professional help.

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