Acworth GA Bed Bug Treatment

Heat Treatment has proven to be one of the safest and most effective ways to eliminate a bed bug infestation in a single treatment. 

Through the years, Atlanta Bed Bug Experts has continually given expert service and excellent extermination techniques. Our Heat Treatment and Chemical Treatment are available to residential and commercial establishments.

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We offer affordable and effective bed bug control plans to keep you protected all year round. 

Operating locally, we guarantee fast and successful bed bug extermination in Acworth GA, and neighboring areas.

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3 Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs In Acworth

1. Clean and Declutter– Bed bugs will infest any space, but a messy and cluttered home provides them a better opportunity to survive. Empty boxes, worn-out books or magazines, unused toys, or broken appliances could be the perfect place for bed bugs to hide and breed. A clean and decluttered home lessens the likelihood of their survival. 

2. Steam-clean and Vacuum– Bed bugs have zero tolerance to heat. That’s why it is effective to wash your clothes and other items in the highest heat setting. Tumble dry them, and if possible, leave them under the sun to ensure that every one of the bed bugs or their eggs is killed.

3. Freezing– Items that cannot be washed like trinkets, home decor, and such can be placed in a plastic bag and placing them in the freezer. Extremely cold temperatures can also kill bed bugs. 

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