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Contrary to its name, bed bugs are not found exclusively on beds. They make a home for themselves in furniture, dark cupboards, an old shoe box, or even within your walls.

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Found in populated places where people move in and out a lot, bed bug infestation is an epidemic in cities all over the world. Stealth and rapidly reproducing, these tiny bugs have cost people thousands and a lot of headaches.

To ensure that your home is safe from bed bugs, talk to a seasoned professional from Cartersville, GA. We will help you identify, access, and treat your bed bug problems.

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How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs in Cartersville GA?

Due to their tiny structure, you could not always tell whether or not there are bed bugs in your home. But there are telltale signs that can help give a better idea of what’s going on in your house:

1. Red and itchy marks – The clusters of red bite marks on your skin in a zigzag or straight-line pattern are among the most common signs of bed bugs. These bites hurt and itch far more than typical mosquito bites do. 

2. Blood stains-During your sleep, or otherwise, you may accidentally squish a bed bug, leaving blood-stained linens and even clothing.

3. Exoskeletons (Molted Skin)– Bed bugs molt five times before reaching full maturity and always leave behind exoskeletons, particularly in their hiding places like mattresses, drawers, headboards, and those dark areas with little gaps or crevices. 

4. Fecal spots– Feces from bed bugs resemble tiny, black marker-like spots found in places where bugs typically hide, such as the edges and seams of a mattress, on the wallpaper, and in other places.

4. Musty odor– The palpable moldy odor is similar to the smell of old, filthy locker rooms or damp towels that have been left out for days.

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