A well-known TV series has a famous catchphrase that says, “Winter is coming,” not only in Game of Thrones but also in Georgia. But instead of white walkers invading homes in Georgia, their enemies are much smaller but give more headaches. The enemy during winter––overwintering bugs.

Different bugs thrive in Georgia’s winter climate, and during the winter season, there’s always an increase in bug activities due to the cold weather. But to understand whether there are bugs, here is helpful information about them.

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The Winter Bug Lineup

Georgia is known for not having a long winter. However, during that short span of cold weather, residents encounter various species of bugs that are typically found during the winter season, like:

  • Cockroaches: German cockroaches who search for warmth are commonly found indoors. They can rapidly increase in numbers, which is threatening.
  • Ants: They are expected to be seen, but Argentine ants are those that you can find scavenging for food and eating leftovers.
  • Spiders: Obviously, they are commonly found in households, but some other breeds of spiders also seek refuge away from the cold weather
  • Termites: These bugs can be inactive during winter, and you might think that they are gone, but they can still cause structural damage in your home
  • Flea and Ticks: Same with termites, they are also inactive during winter, but if you have indoor pets, there’s a possibility of encountering them.
  • Bed Bugs: These bugs can be found in the bedroom since they’re primarily drawn to heat, and their primary food source is blood. 

Furthermore, all the commonly found bugs mentioned are different from them, but there’s one thing similar that they all share: they hate the cold and seek refuge. Some of these bugs are resilient, but with a cold and harsh temperature outside, they will always look for a place that provides warmth.

It is essential to understand the behavior of these pests as it can lead to an infestation. You might get a headache instead of sipping a hot coffee during cold weather. It is also the first step to effective pest management.

Overwintering Strategies

As mentioned earlier, these pests are resilient, and they have different mechanisms and strategies to survive, such as:

  • Reduced Activity: To survive, these bugs reduce their activity to conserve energy, food, and other resources. They are mostly inactive and patiently wait for the temperature to return to normal.
  • Hibernation: This is a well-known process of bears where they enter a state where they reduce their metabolism to save energy and reduce the urge to consume food. It’s one of the mechanisms that they adapt to survive.
  • Seeking Shelter: Lastly, they strive for shelters, whether outside or mainly indoors. Some pests, like bed bugs, hitchhike from furniture or luggage, and some bugs enter the home through cracks in the walls. 

Like these tiny insects, humans also have reduced activity during cold weather. People tend to get lazy and want to lie down in bed all day. But the most important reason these creatures remained unnoticed is their strategy. They all have excellent hiding skills and can hide in different areas of your home.

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Bugs in and Around Homes

Pests that invade homes and structures are termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants. Their main goal is to have a shelter and to scavenge for food. Due to their relatively small size, spotting them with your naked eyes isn’t easy.

Their common entry points are furniture and other things you bought from a thrift store or garage sale. Aside from that, they also enter through cracks in your walls, floors, or roof. 

As a homeowner, you might think all this information is just giving you a headache, but it is not. One thing about preventing winter bug invasions is understanding them. Here are some tips that you can try:

  • Sealing of Entry Points
  • Maintain Cleanliness
  • Fix Moisture Issues

However, if you’re experiencing an infestation, here’s what you should do

Outdoor Bugs

While some bugs seek shelter during Georgia’s winter season, some can still thrive outdoors. Insects like beetles and spiders can survive even if the temperature drops.

In addition to that, outdoor bugs have some benefits to the environment, such as

  • Agriculture
  • Prevention of bigger predators
  • Decomposition

 Even though they are a headache and some species of bugs transmit disease, they’re also essential to our ecosystem. So, if you spot some outdoor bugs, ensure to co-exist with them. It can help prevent other pests from entering your home and practice pest control if necessary.

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Winter Bug Control

One primary reason they’re inside your home is the warmth. You can try different approaches to control them during the winter season. You can try the DIY approach or consider the professional practice. Their benefits are:

DIY Approach:

  • Cost-effective
  • Immediate Action
  • Personal Control

Professional Approach:

  • Expertise and Knowledge
  • Long-Term Prevention
  • Safety and Regulations

Chemical treatments are effective, but they leave harmful effects and health risks to the environment. One efficient and eco-friendly treatment is bed bug heat treatment in Atlanta, which increases the temperature of a specific area. In this treatment, no containers of chemicals are thrown into the environment, and there are no risks to your health.

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Bug-Related Concerns

Common concerns related to winter bugs are property damage like foul odors caused by pests and other structural deterioration caused by bugs like termites. Also, some insects carry diseases that can be transmitted to you that can cause some health-related issues.

To identify what pests are lurking in your home, you must first identify their characteristics and behavior. If unsure, it’s better to call a professional for help early on. It would help if you took action immediately to prevent infestation and better pest control management.

Bug-Free Winter in Georgia!

Now that you’ve read all the information about the common pests lurking in Georgia during winter, you must note which approach you should take and what prevention steps you can try.

If you want to chill and sip a hot coffee in cold weather, maintain a bed-bug-free home, and don’t hesitate to take action. Remember, knowledge is power! All the information you gathered here should help you prepare for the upcoming winter season.

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