Bed bugs are small, fast-growing insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Not just mindlessly creeping toward their prey, bed bugs eat and get away from their target simultaneously most of the time! It means that finding the hiding places of these pests is significant for preventing an infestation.

Wondering how to mentally and emotionally prepare for bed bugs? Here are tips you need before getting rid of this pesky pest problem:

Clean Your Home

When cleaning your home, vacuum to remove any bed bugs from the mattress and box spring. Vacuum all of your furniture and curtains in the same manner as well. Cleaning is an essential part of preparing for bed bug treatment; it will help ensure that you don’t bring any new guests into your home.

If you have pets at home, ensure they are free from fleas and ticks before treating them for bed bugs so that no other animals can become infected.


  • Decluttering your home can help reduce the hiding spots bed bugs use, making it easier to clean up after they’re gone.
  • Keep clutter out of your bedroom, especially if you’re prone to storing things in drawers or closets—bed bugs like dark places with clutter.
  • Put all your belongings into one room so you don’t have to move them around whenever you go into town or leave for work (this will save time and energy).

Remove Hiding Spots

  • Remove clutter.
  • Remove items that can be washed or dry-cleaned, such as bedding and clothing.
  • Remove items that cannot be washed or dry-cleaned.

Know The Signs Of Infestation

If you suspect your home has a bed bug infestation, here are some signs to look for:

  • Bed bugs, eggs, or fecal spots on mattresses or box springs. Bed bugs can be found by looking for tiny blood spots on sheets, mattresses, and other furniture items that have been slept on.
  • Tiny black or brown spots on bedding or other items (such as clothing).

Prepare the Bag.

You can use a plastic bin with air holes or a sealed plastic bag with tape around the top and bottom sides. If using a bin, ensure it is empty before bringing it into your home. Hence, there are no lingering insects inside the container.

Prepare the Clothes.

  • Remove all clothing and linens from the room.
  • Put everything in a plastic bag, and seal it tightly. If you don’t have a large container to hold all your laundry, take one item at a time and put it in another bag before sealing it together. It will help keep air out of the bags while drying so that bugs can’t get into them through cracks or tears in the fabric.
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Woman with magnifying glass detecting bed bug in bedroom

Prepare Your Bed.

  • Remove all bedding from the room, including pillows and blankets. Wash all items in hot water to remove any bugs on them. If you have expensive furniture or curtains, treat them with a steamer before putting them back in your home.
  • Vacuum the mattress and box spring using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment for carpets and upholstery (like this one). It will help to kill any hitchhikers hiding inside these areas of your home, so they don’t come back later!
  • Clean around all appliances by wiping off dust with paper towels or cloths as needed — this includes TVs, computers/laptops/tablets, etc.

Prepare Your Electronics.

Ensure you remove all electronics from drawers, shelves, nightstands, and dressers. Also, remove any electronics from desktops and tables. Suppose you have a home office with computers, printers, and other devices that could be exposed to bed bugs. In that case, this is also an area where preparation is crucial. Remove them from the office and leave them outside in an outdoor shed or garage until treatment.

Prepare Your Wall Hangings.

  • Remove wall hangings and artwork. Wash with hot water to kill any bugs or eggs. Dry them in a hot dryer, then store them in an airtight container until you are ready to rehang them.
  • Vacuum the entire bedroom area, including all furniture and rugs (including under beds).
  • Scrub all mattress seams with rubbing alcohol; vacuum to remove any residue from the cleaning solution.

Prepare Your Floor Items.

  • Remove all floor items from the room, including carpets and rugs.
  • Place them in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Store them in a dry place for 3-5 days (if you are storing them for longer than this, it’s best to take the items outside).

Don’t take any of these items out of their bags unless necessary—they can be harmful if they come into contact with your skin or eyes!

Prepare Your Carpet and Rug.

  • Clean the carpet and rug. Vacuum the area thoroughly, including under furniture and along baseboards. If you have pets, remove their hair from your carpet by sweeping it with a broom.
  • Wash the carpet and rug. Rinse with warm water for about 5 minutes to kill any eggs that bed bugs in the fibers of your flooring material may have left behind.
  • Dry clean only if necessary.

Prepare Your Makeup and Personal Items.

Make sure you have all your items in a plastic bag. It will prevent dirt, dust, or debris from getting into your makeup case. You can use a large trash bag or even an old plastic shopping bag if you don’t want to spend money on something new.

Put makeup and personal items in different bags than clothes. You don’t want anything getting contaminated by bed bugs. At the same time, they’re still alive and active in your body (and yes – even after they die).

In addition, be sure there’s enough room inside the container to stay manageable when stacked high with other items (like shoes).

Hire only the experts.

Atlanta is home to some of the best bed bug experts in Atlanta. We are always ready to help you with all your pest control needs. Our team has decades of experience, and we can help you get rid of these pests quickly and effectively.

We specialize in bed bug removal and other pest control services, including termite treatment, spider control, and more. If you have questions about our services or need help choosing an exterminator for your home, please contact us today!

How do Atlanta Bed Bugs Experts work?

To kill bed bugs in Atlanta, we use a safe, non-toxic method that works on a long-term basis. We use heat to kill bed bugs and essential oils that repel them from your home for months. Our technicians will ensure that they eradicate all infestations so that you don’t have to worry about them again.

Remember, you can’t just spray and pray.

Pre-treatment preparation must be thorough and beyond expectations for the pest control industry to successfully achieve its goal of exterminating bed bugs. With proper preparation and knowledge, most extermination efforts will result in success.

Remember, you can’t just spray and pray. Preparation is key to effective bed bug treatment. It may be obvious, but it is something that most people only think of once it is too late. And if you have had bed bugs in your home or business, you know how damaging it can be when you don’t prepare properly.

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