Bed bugs are small, flat insects that suck blood from humans and animals. The bites can be itchy and painful, but they don’t usually cause long-term health problems unless you have an allergy to the insect’s saliva. Bed bug bites are often confused with other insect bites because they’re arthropods (insects with hard outer shells). However, bed bugs have shiny brown bodies with black spots (like crumbs), while mosquitoes and fleas have a grayish color with white spots.

Bed bugs can latch into your luggage.

They are small, so they can hide in any small hole and travel in your luggage on your trip back home. If you have bed bugs, cleaning your clothes and items before returning them to their owner is essential.

Bed bugs live on fabrics, not just beds.

Bed bugs live on fabrics, not just beds. Bed Bugs can live in pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and other items you may have around your home. If you take care of your mattress regularly by vacuuming or washing it with hot water, then the chances are lower that a bed bug will be able to hide inside it.

You must seek medical attention immediately if you get bed bug bites. Please treat it with pyrethrin spray insecticide, which kills both adults and nymphs (immature forms).

You may pick up bed bugs from your pets.

You may pick up bed bugs from your pets. Your pet’s fur or bedding may harbor bed bugs, which can also live in furniture crevices. Pet owners should be aware of this risk when bringing their animals into an infested home.

They come for a variety of reasons.

Carbon dioxide, body heat, and blood attract bed bugs. If you have many people in your house or your pets sleeping on the floor near you, then chances are good that there will be bed bugs hiding in those places. Odors also attract bed bugs. The smell of food or bodily fluids can make them more likely to settle down somewhere near their favorite meals!

You may be bringing them home from trips.

You might be bringing them home with you. Bed bugs can hitchhike on your clothes, luggage, and other belongings. They’re also able to hide in boxes and hotel rooms. So even if you don’t think you have bed bugs, it is worth checking out the hotel room if someone has recently rented it before leaving. The same goes for hotels popular among travelers.

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You could be bringing them from work or school.

You could be bringing them from work or school. Bed bugs have been found in schools but can be brought into a school by students and staff. Parents, visitors, and delivery people likely contribute to school bed bug infestations.

They may have come with an item you bought secondhand.

Bed bugs can survive for months without food. It’s common for them to hitch a ride from the previous owner on something left behind. For example, if your home is infested with bed bugs and you bring in a new mattress or dresser from an antique store, it could be harboring old eggs laid by the original tenants of this house years ago.

Bed bugs are small enough to hide anywhere. You can find bed bugs in cracks and crevices inside walls, between carpet fibers, and even within electrical wiring! You may see them at all once they start feeding on you. Once they’ve hatched into larvae (the stage where they look like tiny black spots), they’ll spend their time eating through your skin until there’s nothing left but blood stains!

They may have come with a new item you purchased from a retail store.

One way to get bed bugs is by bringing a new item into your home. Bed bugs can travel through the seams of clothing and other materials. It’s essential to be careful when shopping for new items. If you find that you have purchased something that has bed bugs on it, return the item immediately.

If you suspect someone else may have brought a new item into their home and subsequently let themselves in after hours (or any time). Take precautions before letting yourself in!

Bed bugs are hardy pests that can live for months without food sources. If someone else has yet to take care of these pests, there’s no telling what kind of havoc they could wreak upon your house! In case you don’t know, Atlanta Bed Bug Experts’ is one of the best bed bug treatment in Atlanta..

Bed bugs can crawl under your car’s bumper and get into your vehicle.

Bed bugs can crawl under your car’s bumper and get into your vehicle. It is usually a way for bed bugs to enter a home, but it also happens naturally. Bed bugs will hitch a ride on your clothes and bags, then go straight for the warmth of their host.

If you think bed bugs have found their way into your car, check under the bumper regularly! If no one has been living in it lately (and there’s no reason they would), this is where they came from!

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Don’t Share Your Bed with Bed Bugs

The easiest way to avoid getting bed bugs is to use a cover on your mattress and box spring. Ensure that your sleep area has been covered, even when sleeping. If it’s not possible to get a cover, for this reason, consider using an encasement on top of your mattress and box spring so no bed bugs can climb inside. It will also protect against dust mites, often carriers of bacteria that cause illness in humans and pets alike.

  • Don’t Bring Used Furniture into Your Home or Car

If someone else has brought used furniture into their house or car, make sure they take them out before coming back in contact with anything else! Bed Bugs can live undetected for months within these items until they’re ready to hatch. Before continuing, ensure those areas are thoroughly cleaned if there are any indications that someone else came into contact with them before going home (for example, stains).

If you’re planning to get rid of your bed, consider the worst-case scenario: you bring home a box full of bed bugs. That’s a lot of work, and it could save money in the long run if you pay someone else to do it for you. There are a lot of bed bug specialists in Atlanta that will do the job for you perfectly.

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