Have you experienced waking up with red marks and a sudden urge of itchiness in your body? The first instinct that your brain will make is to think that it is just an insect bite, and you will ignore it. Although bed bugs are still insects, your brain will think it is just a typical insect bite from a mosquito or an ant. However, it keeps happening daily, and you notice it increases in numbers. In that case, you might have a foreign visitor in your home. 

Bed bugs are famous for people, especially when tucking your children to sleep. Every parent tends to tell their kids not to let the bedbugs bite. The only problem is you don’t know the bed bugs to stop. These tiny creatures feed on blood and persist once they sense your body heat. They can hide in tight spaces and can crawl quickly outside.

If you notice some signs of bed bugs in your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean your home has an infestation. There are differences between a few bed bugs in your home and bed bug infestations. Here is how you can tell the differences between the two.

Few Bed Bugs Signs

The first noticeable sign that you have bed bugs in your bedroom is the red marks and the itchiness. The bites will be mild if only a few bed bugs are in your home. The itchiness is also tolerable since only a few bed bugs are in your bedroom.

Also, if you don’t feel itchy as soon as you lie down on your bed, its because there are just a few visitors yet in your bedroom; compared to an infestation, once you lay down in your bed, you can instantly feel uneasy feeling and itchiness caused by the bed bugs. 

Physical Signs of a few bed bugs infestation 

When cleaning your sheets or replacing your mattress, you can barely see any red or yellow stains in the fabric when you wash it. When you change your sheets and bedding in an infested house with bed bugs, many red and yellow marks will be visible on the fabric.

Bed bugs love hiding in tight spaces and furniture made of wood. Some bed bugs may lurk on it if you have a bed frame made from wood. However, if there are only a few bed bugs, it will be harder to spot them since they are good at hiding. 

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Small scatters of bed bugs’ eggshells

Although there are only a few visitors in your house, there are still signs of eggshells left by the bedbugs. Bed bugs aren’t neat and always leave some eggshells behind areas visible to the human eye. Eggshells sometimes have a transparent color; when they hatch, they appear dry.

Compared to a heavily infested house, you can only see some small portions of eggshells scattered on your sheets or floor. It is rare to spot signs of bed bugs if only a few are in your house. That is why it is still better to call experts that offer bed bug heat treatment in Atlanta just to be sure.

Why are a few bed bugs still dangerous?

Even if you only have a few bed bugs in your home, ignoring them is not okay. Bed bugs can produce and lay up to 500 eggs to multiply rapidly. Few bed bugs are in the early stage of having a bed bug infestation. Once you overlook the possibility of bed bug signs in your home, you risk getting your house infested by these pests.

Bed Bug infestation

When a house becomes infested with bed bugs, the signs are much more visible than just a few bed bugs. The situation will be difficult; sometimes, things get out of control, and it will be challenging to cure and exterminate these tiny creatures. No worries, everything has a solution, but bed bugs cause the infestation signs.

Blood Stains

In an infested home with bed bugs, many of these pests will be crawling simultaneously. Bed bugs feed on blood; a blood stain is visible when a bug is crushed, especially on the sheets. If you notice blood stains on your sheets, have it cleaned or call an expert immediately. It is a sign that there are already a lot of bed bugs in your house, and it is a sign that they can multiply rapidly compared to when the population is just tiny.

Foul Odor

Aside from visible signs of bed bug infestations, there are also signs that you can smell. Infested rooms smell so bad, and sometimes it is not tolerable anymore. If you smell a musty odor without an apparent cause, bed bugs might lurk from tight spaces and cracks even after cleaning your room.

The smell can grow worse and smells like rust, wet towels, and moldy laundry. The pheromones released by the bed bugs and the smell of the dead bed bugs emit an unpleasant odor. Compared to a small population of bed bugs, the smell will be faint and harder to notice. But once it worsens, it is very unpleasant.

Severe Bite Marks

If only a few bed bugs exist, bite marks can be counted on your body. But if you have an infested home, even sleeping can be more challenging. Infested areas with bed bugs can quickly crawl outside once they sense a warmed body lying in bed. These tiny creatures are great opportunity seekers that will jump into your body once they have a chance.

Severe bite marks can sometimes lead to health problems, especially if your skin is sensitive or has an allergy. Also, bed bugs will keep you awake all night due to the intolerable itchiness you feel whenever you lie down. It does not matter how much you vacuum your bed; if you cannot remove the root, bed bugs will always find a way to bite your body.

Live Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are very shy and don’t reveal themselves quickly, there are instances in which they are visible due to their large numbers. If their newfound base of operations can no longer sustain their numbers, some bed bugs will be visual on the floor and your sheets. You can notice several bed bugs crawling, which is disgusting at first glance. When things like this happen, it is beyond your control, so call an expert immediately.

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Get rid of bed bugs and have a quality sleep.

Bed bugs are actual and not just to scare children when they are about to sleep. If these tiny creatures keep you awake at night, do not get used to them. Instead of enduring the bites and disturbance, call the best bed bug killer in Atlanta to get rid of the pests and have a night of quality sleep.

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